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We're following the same guidelines as our Local Health Department regarding Covid-19.

Please note that Dr. Mustafa does not do testings for Covid-19,

please go through your doctor or health care provider.

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Eid B. Mustafa, M.D. will discuss all the pre and post-operative instructions with you when you schedule your surgery. Hard copies are available at the office for you to take home and read over.


All instructions will be covered when you schedule your surgery and immediately following your procedure. All your needs will be taken into consideration and all your questions will be answered.


If you have any immediate questions about your appointment or surgery, please contact our office at 940-322-1122. If you are post-operative and experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 immediately.

Get the information you need before and after surgery

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Pre and post-operative instructions for a healthy recovery

Due to privacy issues in a town this size of ours we find posting before and after pictures to be problematic and a breach of our patients privacy. However, an album of before and after photos that patients who have consented to have their pictures shown is available.